We are a group of women who met in a private Catholic women’s Facebook group. We spend our days chatting about all things Catholic, from our state in life, to current events, prayer, support, dying to self, what’s for dinner, daily chores, kid and husband brags, all with good old fashioned humor infused into each of those conversations. We are, first and foremost, a group of women who adhere to the Teachings of the Church.

The reason for the blog is simple. We love to talk. No, seriously. We LOVE to talk. Our private group has yielded over 6000 plus topics posted in ten months. I shudder to think what the average per post would be, but if I had to take a stab in the dark, I would guess we are probably in the 15K-20K range on total posts. That would be a conservative guess, too. With all that chatter going on with 160+ women, we figured we may as well put some of that talent to good use and share our love of Faith among fellow Catholics. The women in our group represent all walks of our Faith walk. We represent two different rites, Latin and Eastern, with most attending the Latin rite NO, but many attending TLM. Some are skirt only wearers, some veil, some SELL veils, and some are crunchy and thrifty. One thing that binds us through all our differences is our fierce love and adherence to the Faith. We have diverse conversations on the grey issues because of our unique-as-DNA Faith journey, but we are all grounded through that love and adherence of the black and white issues. Our topics here represent a small percentage of our group and will range from serious to lighthearted and funny.

As Catholics we are called to evangelize by virtue of our baptism. The Spirit resides in our souls and once we are confirmed yearns for us to bring others to Christ. Due to our unique faith walk, this happens differently for each of us. This blog is intended to bring our Faith to the forefront of our lives and to inspire our readers, as well as continue to inspire us as a group and individuals to go, and be the light for Christ. Our goal is to bring a new passion to Catholics, no matter where we are in our walk with Christ. Our cup is never full and we should always be learning from others, as we are all different parts of the same Body.

This is our blog and we hope you enjoy it.


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